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4 Common Types Of Frosting For Desserts

By December 29, 2016May 28th, 2019No Comments
Cakes are a popular dessert to serve at many events and one of the most important parts of a cake is its frosting. When purchasing a cake or other dessert, you must decide if you would like this topping or icing. Icings will give you a thin, sugary glaze over the top of the cake, while frosting is stiffer and pipes better. This topping is usually made from either cream or butter and is a tastier option for most cakes. There are many different types of frosting to choose from when you buy a cake, including cream cheese, ganache, and buttercream.

Cream cheese frosting

Cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake are traditionally paired with one another. Carrot cake, made mostly of carrots and nuts, is another cake that is commonly paired with this topping. Cream cheese frosting starts as a buttercream variety and is enhanced with cream cheese.


Ganache is a chocolate lover’s frosting that begins with heating equal amounts of heavy cream and chopped dark chocolate. First, the heavy cream is heated in the microwave until it is hot. The chopped chocolate is then added and allowed to stand a few minutes before being mixed. Once the mixture is cooled, it is removed from refrigeration and allowed to reach room temperature. Finally, the mix is beaten until it is a light and fluffy topping.

Basic buttercream frosting

A basic buttercream frosting is created from butter and icing sugar. There are some recipes that use a vegetable shortening product instead of butter. This is an easy and popular topping for cupcakes because it is incredibly versatile.

Whipped cream frosting

The trick to creating the perfect whipped cream frosting is making sure the bowl and whisk are cold. The cream is whipped quickly, starting out on low speed until bubbles form. When the bubbles appear, the speed is increased to medium until the mixture forms soft peaks. This variety of frosting is extremely light and a favorite for fruity types of desserts.

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