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4 Myths About Wedding Cakes That You Can Overcome

By September 12, 2017May 28th, 2019No Comments
Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life. Most couples plan and envision everything from the attire to the food and wedding cake for months to years. With this much planning, you are bound to run into those who will have opinions on how your day should be organized. Wedding etiquette is a matter of opinion, and there are many who will want you to follow certain rules. Some of those rules of etiquette regard your wedding cake, and many are actually nothing more than myths.

Myth one: wedding cakes must be fruit

Older relatives may tell you that you have to order a rich fruit cake for your wedding. They may bristle if you attempt to describe any other choices. The truth about wedding cakes is that you can have any option you wish. Summer weddings may do well with fruit if that is your favorite, while fall celebrations may be served better by rich, dark chocolate options.

The same family members who have requested you order a fruit cake will probably advise you that it isn’t possible to make the top tier from fruit. They probably believe the layer will collapse if it must hold up the weight of fruit. This idea is no longer valid, as all tiered wedding cakes can have internal structuring that is unseen so the cake remains upright and level. If you’ve chosen to go with fruit, be assured that its weight will in no way cause your cake to collapse if it is made correctly.

Myth two: wedding cakes melt if not refrigerated

Buttercream is a popular choice for wedding cakes. One myth you may hear if you’ve chosen this flavor is that the cake will melt outside of a refrigerator. This myth may have originated from the belief that the whole dessert is actually made of butter. Butter would certainly melt if left outside, but a buttercream wedding cake contains additional ingredients. The structure of this cake means that it will not melt during your celebration. However, you should keep in mind where your cake will be displayed so it does not sit in direct sunlight. This is a general rule encouraged for any kind of wedding cake you choose.

Myth three: wedding cakes must be white or ivory

It is an old tradition to have a white or ivory colored wedding cake. These classic colors do look fabulous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some color to your cake. Colored flowers, or even some delicate artificial greenery, can be added to give your cake a touch of modern class.

Myth 4: you must have a wedding cake

You could be even bolder and throw the idea of a cake out altogether. Some couples are now choosing to go with cupcakes rather than traditional cake, or decide not to ice their tiered fruit cakes. Another alternative is the dessert shot. These shots are beautifully arranged treats in shot-style glasses with cheesecake, key lime pie, or any favorite dessert you and your spouse-to-be enjoy. If you want to be sure there is something for everyone, you can choose to go with platters of mini desserts that consist of bite-sized treats. These mini treats can be French macarons, cream puffs, cheesecakes, or any other favored dessert.

How to work around wedding cake myths

Weddings are becoming more of a reflection of the bride and groom’s personalities rather than the standard rules of the past. This idea may be difficult for the couple to reconcile, because their views may differ from those of their relatives. Parents and older relatives will often have strict ideas on how wedding traditions should be honored. However, your wedding cake may be one of those traditions that can be changed and personalized with little disappointment.

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