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4 Reasons To Consider A Cupcake Wedding Cake

By February 3, 2017May 28th, 2019No Comments
Many people often consider alternative options to traditional wedding cakes. While cupcake wedding cakes are a new idea to some, many people are choosing this simple and fun option for their event. The following are four reasons why serving a cupcake wedding cake may be a great option for your special day.

Easy to transport

Wedding cakes have several layers that are often separated in boxes and put together at the reception. There are some bakeries that are able to fully prepare the cake and arrange transport to your venue. However, if the dessert has to travel a significant distance, the layers can become melted or destroyed.

Choosing a cupcake wedding cake for your event will simplify many aspects of the delivery and setup process. Transporting cupcakes to a wedding venue is often very simple. Cupcakes are typically boxed side by side and little room is left for them to slide around and get ruined.

More convenient to serve

Cupcakes are much easier to serve than a traditional cake. Some venues charge for cutting and serving, which is unnecessary with a cupcake wedding cake. The process of cutting and serving is also time consuming. Cupcake wedding cakes allow these inconveniences to be avoided. Guests can also serve themselves easily with a cupcake wedding cake.

Various flavor options

If you want to get creative with your cupcake wedding cake, you can choose several flavors. You can choose to have strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or other less common flavors. Having multiple options ensures that each of your guests are able to enjoy something they like.

Creative decoration options

Traditional cakes can be decorated beautifully, but a cupcake wedding cake offers some unique opportunities. You can change a lot about your cupcake wedding cake’s appearance just by how you choose to arrange and serve each dessert. You can have a number of tiers, numerous unique toppings, or various types of icing.

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