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4 Tips To Help You Choose Between Wedding Cake And Cupcakes

By April 6, 2018May 24th, 2019No Comments
Planning a wedding takes a lot of consideration, and one decision couples find themselves making is what type of dessert to serve at the reception. The wedding industry as a whole is becoming more practical with designs and trends. When it comes to cake, many couples are choosing to go with a modern cupcake design, rather than an elaborate wedding cake. There are benefits to having either type of dessert, so it is important to know how to choose between them.

Think about cost savings and your style preferences

All bakeries will differ on what they can offer and what they will charge for their services. A rough estimate done between the traditional wedding cake versus individual cupcakes show that you can save by choosing cupcakes. A typical wedding has approximately 200 guests and each is expected to consume one slice of cake. Even if each guest eats one cupcake, what goes into making them is part of what makes them more affordable.

Whether you choose cupcakes or a traditional cake, the cost is still dependent on the number of guests you invite. If you have a small wedding, a beautiful cake can be a great option. If you are inviting many guests, cupcakes can be just as elegant and fun as a wedding cake. If tradition is something you prefer to stick with, a wedding cake would be the best option for your celebration.

Stay on budget with cakes and cupcakes

Many brides have had a vision of their special day since they were young. Part of that image includes the beautifully tiered wedding cake. It is possible to serve this cake without breaking your budget if you order a more traditional buttercream dessert. This type will cost you less than fondant, but may not be as versatile in design.

The tradition of cutting the cake with your new spouse dates back to the early 1900s. This event is still the highlight of many wedding celebrations, which is one reason couples choose cake instead of cupcakes. If you make the decision to go with cupcakes, you can continue the “first slice” tradition by ordering a small cake for just you and your spouse. A larger cupcake is also an option for the cake-cutting event that is modern and fun.

Plan your display to help you choose

The tiered wedding cake is one of the highlights of most wedding receptions. You may wonder how cupcakes can compare to such an extravagant display, but the flexibility they give you for creating stunning presentations may be surprising. You can dedicate an entire table to setting up a unique and incredible display of your wedding cupcakes.

Speak with professionals at the bakery you have chosen to see how they can help you display your dessert. You may also consider asking about display options during consultations to help you decide between wedding cake and cupcakes.

Is there a wrong or a right choice?

When it comes to deciding whether to use cake or cupcakes at your wedding, there is no right or wrong choice because the decision is personal. Whether you go with the traditional cake or the non-traditional cupcake, your guests will be happy as long as you choose a delicious flavor. Many bakers may give you the choice of multiple flavors and frosting when ordering large numbers of cupcakes. Having their favorite, traditional cake to eat will please almost every guest, but cupcakes can also be exciting for them.

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