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5 Creative Cake Ideas For A Baby Shower

By February 23, 2017May 28th, 2019No Comments

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate a coming birth before the busyness of motherhood. A friend of the mom-to-be typically plans the baby shower. If you are this friend, you are likely trying to decide on a creative dessert idea for the celebration. A personalized baby shower cake will leave a great impression with guests and show the new mother how special she is. If you are wondering what kind of dessert to choose, take a look at the following five creative cake ideas for a baby shower.

Guess-the-gender cake

If the mother-to-be has yet to reveal the gender of her baby, a gender reveal cake is a great option. This type of cake can be made in two tiers, one with pink frosting and the other with blue. You could also use two square cakes placed next to each other with the blue and pink frosting. If a guess-the-gender cake is too much, consider ordering cupcakes for smaller servings.

Piñata cake

Piñata cakes have small candy such as gems or chocolates inside. As this dessert is cut, the candies come spilling out just like a piñata. This is a cute idea for a baby shower that offers a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender.

Rainbow cake

Consider having a rainbow baby shower cake made with several rainbow colors such as indigo, green, yellow, red, and orange. The dessert should be paired with a cream cheese frosting. You can include a clothesline made to hang around the side of the cake as a comical decoration. Kids come with a ton of laundry so you can signify this with little pairs of socks, shirts, and bonnets along the line.

Personalized cupcakes

Instead of purchasing a large cake, you can have a small one made and placed in the center of several cupcakes. The cupcakes can be decorated with small baby related toppers. The possibilities are endless when you choose cupcakes. You can have the cupcakes filled, stacked into intricate designs, or topped with various decorations.

Diaper bag

Have a baby shower cake made to look like a diaper bag and fill it with edible baby essentials. A fondant rubber ducky, pacifier, bottle, and diapers can be used as decorations. Consider having the monogram of the child’s name done as a logo on the front of the diaper bag to make things personal.

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