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6 Important Tips For The Perfect Wedding Cake

By November 14, 2016May 28th, 2019No Comments
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Weddings take an enormous amount of work to prepare. There are many tasks, both big and small, that have to be attended to in order for that special day to be perfect. Some of these tasks are exciting, making the anticipation of the day all the more enjoyable. One of these exciting tasks is choosing your wedding cake. This is the time to put away those worries about fitting into your dress and prepare yourself for some outstanding taste samples. Here are six tips to make the decision process easier when choosing the best wedding cake in Amarillo, Texas for your event.

Research bakeries in your area

Check with married friends to see which bakery they would recommend for your cake. Another good source for reviews are wedding websites or blogs where newlyweds share their experiences with others. Schedule a visit with a bakery after you have read reviews and talked with friends about their recommendations. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the staff and know they will listen to your ideas. When you feel comfortable, ask to speak with the wedding cake designer and discuss any specific ideas you have. Some bakeries even have consultation forms that you can fill out online so their staff can have a good idea of what you are looking for.

Choose the style of your wedding cake

You can choose to use a traditional style or get creative with your cake. There may be a specific memory for you and your future spouse that you want the wedding cake to reflect. You may also want to follow the theme you have chosen for your special day. The choice is yours as to whether the cake should be round, tiered, or square. You can also sit down with your future spouse and look through wedding magazines or websites to find new ideas.

Pick the best flavor

You not only want people to love the design of your wedding cake, you want them to remember how great it tasted. If you have chosen to use fondant, you should make sure it is one that tastes good. The flavor of the actual wedding cake can be one of a wide variety of choices. Some love rich chocolate while others like light, fruity varieties. Be sure to discuss flavors with your chosen bakery in detail.

Alternatives to a wedding cake

Wedding cakes can be expensive, so if you are having a large wedding, this expense may be too costly for your budget. There are many alternatives to a wedding cake that can be just as beautiful and tasty. Desserts such as pies, pastries, or cupcakes can be served. Many couples choose to have a dessert bar with an assortment of desserts offered so all of their guests find something they like.

How to display your wedding cake

You have now gone through a lot of decisions to make sure your wedding cake looks just right and tastes great. The next step is to make sure the cake is displayed appropriately. Decide where the table will sit and how it will be decorated. Some wedding parties choose to decorate the table to compliment the cake, using some of the same type of beads, ribbons, or other items. You can also use camping or Christmas lights to bring attention to the display.

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When to cut the cake

Choose a time for the cake to be served prior to the wedding day. Many couples decide to serve the wedding cake during the reception. Others wait until after ceremony but before the dancing begins to serve the wedding cake. Make sure photos are taken of the cake before it is cut so you can have a memory of the special dessert.

Choose the best bakery for your wedding cake in Amarillo, Texas

Choosing your wedding cake should be a fun adventure and picking the right bakery is the first important part of this process. The professionals at Belmar Bakery in Amarillo, Texas can help you design the best wedding cake for your event. We specialize in decorated cakes of all sizes, shapes, and flavors. If you are in need of a custom dessert for your wedding or other event, call us today at (806) 355-0141 or Contact Us via email. You can also fill out our online form for a personal Cake Quote or our Wedding Consultation form for more information. Visit us in person to see what we have to offer at 3325 Bell St. in Amarillo, Texas.