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7 Traditions About Wedding Cakes And What They Mean Today

By July 8, 2018June 20th, 2019No Comments
wedding cakes
Your wedding cake is almost as important as your wedding dress. This masterpiece will adorn the reception event and be placed in an area of honor for all the guests to admire. Wedding cakes are a carefully chosen piece for your special day that hold long-standing traditions dating back to medieval times. When selecting yours, take the time to reflect what symbolizes you and your partner while remembering the customs created around it. Here are seven wedding cake traditions and the meanings that surround each one.

The cake cutting

In history, when wedding cakes were cut, the bride performed the act alone to signify she will no longer be a virgin. In recent times however, it signifies the first action the newly weds work on together. It may be as important as the first dance the two of you will share and creates a memorable photo opportunity for your photographer and guests.

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Feeding each other cake

Another tradition associated with the wedding cake is the couple feeding the other a piece. The symbolism behind this act is that both of you are making a commitment to always provide for each other. This moment also makes for a great photo to include in your wedding album. Many people choose to smash cake into their partner’s face at this point, which makes the tradition more fun.

The groom’s cake

In Victorian England, it was a tradition for the groom to have a special cake to depict his personal likes. Today, this tradition is still popular, with many grooms using chocolate or fruits to create a display showing the groom’s favorite hobby or pastime. Some grooms even ask that it depict their favorite national sports team. With all the attention and time given to the bride’s personal tastes and creativity, the groom’s cake gives a share of that attention to his personality.

Saving the top tier of the wedding cake

Another tradition for the wedding cake is to save the top tier for your first anniversary. If you have chosen one made with mousse layers or fresh fruit, you should create a new one to celebrate your first anniversary together. If you have not chosen one of those two, the cake should keep well in a deep-freezer. However, it must be sealed in an airtight container to avoid frostbite and contamination.

Sleeping with the cake

There is an old legend stating if a single woman takes a piece of the groom’s cake home to sleep with, she will dream of her future husband. This myth dates back to the seventeenth century along with the passing of the cake. This tradition entailed the bride moving pieces of the dessert through her ring and then giving them to guests for good luck.

Wedding cake charms

Years ago, couples would have charms baked into their wedding cake for the guests to find. This practice had its risks if the guests were not aware of hard objects hidden in their dessert. To be more practical with this tradition, tie a ribbon onto the charms and then push them into the outside of the finished cake. This method allows your guests to pull them out before taking a bite. Charms can include a highchair to symbolize children, flowers for new love, rings for upcoming engagements, or hearts for true love.

A white wedding cake

In Victorian times, having a white wedding cake or white icing symbolized social importance and wealth. Creating white icing in that time period was expensive, so only the wealthy were able to afford it. Another wedding symbol is that the bride’s cake is traditionally white to reflect her purity. Today, brides can choose their cake colors based on their preferences, or to compliment the dress and match the color scheme of the wedding.

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