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Alternative Wedding Desserts That You And Your Guests Will Love

By September 14, 2017May 24th, 2019No Comments
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The traditional wedding cake is no longer required at wedding celebrations. However, this will not take away from your guest’s experience as there are many fun, decorative, and delicious alternatives for you to choose from. Alternative desserts give you a lot of options and allow your creativity to run wild while adding a personal touch to your big day. You will be delighted to see the choices awaiting you, and your guests will be happy to enjoy them.

Tradition without too much tradition

Cupcakes offer you the choice of serving a dessert that resembles the traditional wedding cake, while still being unique. Additionally, you won’t miss out on the experience of sampling a variety of cake flavors or designing how the toppings will appear. Cupcakes can match with your wedding decorations and theme and will also make less of a mess. Another benefit of choosing cupcakes is that you will not be bothered with having to cut slices and you can share leftovers with your guests.

Crowd-pleasing cake pops

Cake pops are fun, trendy treats that are a true crowd-pleasing dessert. The pops come in a variety of flavors and can be designed perfectly to match your wedding theme. Cake pops are an ideal alternative to the wedding cake and will truly please your guests. These incredible, delightful desserts are still made of cake, but offer a little more convenience.

Delicious bakery-fresh alternatives to traditional cake

Fun, bakery-fresh alternatives can be served rather than the traditional wedding cake at your celebration. You can choose from macarons, cookies, doughnuts, or even chocolate covered strawberries. You can pick your favorite dessert, or your guests’, and add a touch of your personality. This option gives you the freedom of designing your desserts by the way they are displayed, the flavors you choose, and the variety you serve. Serving these alternatives will also give your guests the chance to enjoy seconds or take extras home as party favors.

Buffet of candy bars

Creating a candy bar buffet is a playful twist to a wedding cake alternative. A buffet will not take as much planning as the wedding cake since you can choose your own candy and colors. You can choose your favorites or choose colors to match your wedding decorations and theme.

Cold and creamy alternatives

Cold, creamy ice cream desserts are another option your guests will love. Serving ice cream, especially if your wedding is planned for the summer, will keep your guests cool. Ice cream as a wedding cake alternative allows you to choose flavors and colors, especially if you go with a build-your-own-sundae bar. Some couples opt to hire servers to prevent the mess their guests may experience. An ice cream bar can also have a playful twist if you add some old-fashioned Root Beer to give guests the option of floats.

Cold and hot alternatives

If your wedding is planned in the winter months, you may want to go with a hot dessert rather than ice cream. A hot chocolate bar will add a unique element to your wedding celebration. Hot cocoa brings a comforting element, and when you add some marshmallows and other toppings, it makes your celebration even more fun. Hot cocoa is a great compliment to your wedding cake, or any alternative dessert, so this can be a great option for any couple.

Wedding cakes in Amarillo, Texas

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