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Birthday Cake Designs For People Of All Ages

By October 27, 2017May 24th, 2019No Comments
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Cakes can be an essential part of just about any celebration. For instance, birthdays are commonly considered incomplete without a birthday cake. As time has passed, there have been many changes in birthday cakes designs and types. However amazing a birthday party may be, the effect of the birthday cake is usually unmatched. The following are a few different cake design ideas that can make any birthday party a hit.

Children’s birthday cakes

The list can seem endless when talking about birthday cake designs for children. Kid’s love so many different things that it is simple to create birthday cakes for them. A universally popular idea for children’s cakes is to use cartoons or animated characters. Most children love cartoons and often have a favorite character. Whether the cake is shaped like a character or shows a favorite scene, these cakes are always a hit at a child’s birthday party.

Cakes for pre-teens and teenagers

Birthday cakes for teenagers and pre-teens are usually different than children’s cakes. For a sports loving boy or girl, the cake design could be a ball from their favorite sport or even an entire stadium. A few other popular cake designs include mermaids, pirate ships, pizza, airplanes, and clowns. Some birthday cake designs are designed specifically for girls. These designs can include barbie doll themed cakes or floral type cakes. For a slightly older child, electronics can make a great cake theme.

Birthday cakes for adults

When deciding on a birthday cake design for an adult, there are many different choices. Adult cakes are usually much simpler looking, but the range of flavors increases significantly. Many women will enjoy a simple floral cake design, while men typically enjoy a sports theme or even just a basic tiered design. You can even consider complicated designs like a geode themed cake or a cake focused on a favorite hobby. It is suggested that you know the person you are attempting to have a cake designed for, as not all people have the same interests.

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