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Common Questions About How To Choose A Wedding Cake

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Your wedding cake will be the focal point of your reception to many people. Knowing the style and flavor you would like for your cake requires asking many questions. These are some of the most common questions brides and grooms ask before choosing their perfect wedding cake.

When do I choose the style of my cake?

You will want your wedding cake to fit into the theme of your event. Before you think about choosing a style, know your colors, the type of flower arrangements you’ll use, and even the style of your gown. When you arrive at the consultation to discuss your choices, bring a list to detail how the rest of the wedding decor and theme will look.

How much should I budget for a wedding cake?

You can get an estimate on how much they charge for their desserts by visiting local bakeries. Some bakers will charge by the slice, while others will charge more for different flavors. The price will depend on the style and time involved to create your cake. You may even choose to go with cupcakes over the traditional cake, which will change your budget. Getting estimates on your choices should give you an idea of what you should budget for your final decision.

How do I choose a wedding cake flavor?

Many couples stress over the diversity of guests and how to make all of them happy. However, the wedding cake is part of your special day and the flavor should be one both partners agree to, not necessarily what guests might prefer. If you choose the right bakery, your wedding cake will be a showpiece and the taste will be amazing.

How do I know which frosting to choose?

If you prefer a frosting that is classic and a well-thought-of tradition for wedding cakes, then you may want to go with the buttercream. This icing is made from butter, sugar, and cream and can be made with any flavor you choose. Buttercream can taste like chocolate, citrus zest, or any traditional flavor. There are a lot of designs that can be created with buttercream as well, such as rosettes, petals, basket designs, and more.

Fondant is a rolled sheet with pliability and a dough-like consistency. Your baker will be able to create a perfectly smooth finish and a structured style if you use this on your wedding cake. Fondant is also more weather resistant and should be considered if you are having an outdoor reception where the cake will have to withstand the elements. This choice is often more expensive, but will allow for a stable dessert and more options on creativity.

How do I choose a topper for my cake?

There are many choices offered by your cake decorator for wedding cake toppers. Some will reflect the personalities of you and your spouse or fit into the theme of your wedding decor. You can also incorporate an heirloom piece onto your cake. Check with your baker and work together to see how this piece can become part of your decor.

How should I display the wedding cake?

The wedding cake should have its own unique spot at your reception. Designate a well-lit area and place a table decorated to accent the dessert near your couple’s table. The decorations should not take away from the dessert itself. Use fabrics and flowers that match the cake’s design to make a flowing theme to the arrangement.

How long can I freeze leftover wedding cake?

There is a long-standing tradition of saving the top tier of a wedding cake and freezing it for the first-anniversary celebration. This tradition sounds better than it actually tastes. Instead, you and your partner should eat the cake within two weeks to a month if you want to enjoy its original, amazing flavor. If you insist on freezing some of the cake, you need to tightly wrap it in plastic and then place it inside an airtight container to store it properly.

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