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Comparing Wedding Cakes And Cupcakes

By February 24, 2017May 28th, 2019No Comments
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There are many wedding cake options available, so it can be challenging to choose the right one for your event. You might get overwhelmed with all the options available and forget that you actually have an altogether different option in cupcakes. Although wedding cake is the traditional choice, the idea of wedding cupcakes is growing in popularity.Some couples will select a small cake for themselves and cupcakes for their guests. The options are endless when choosing to do this for your wedding. If you are having a difficult time deciding between a wedding cake or cupcakes, here are some things you should take into consideration.

Differences in visual presentation

Many couples want to have a beautifully crafted wedding cake as a centerpiece at their wedding. Choosing a cake that is appealing to the eye can be an exciting process. However, cupcakes taste virtually the same as a wedding cake and they can be arranged on tiers and displayed in several creative ways. Nearly everything that can be done with a cake can be modified to fit a cupcake display.

The pros and cons of cakes and cupcakes

You do not need a plate or a fork to eat a cupcake, so you can ultimately save money on plastic ware or dishes. Taste quality between the two choices is a tie, as both are equally delicious. Creativity in display options are also the same when comparing the two desserts. However, cupcakes win the debate when it comes to price.

You have more options with wedding cakes when choosing shape, like round, square, or rectangle, but cupcakes come in different sizes, from mini to extra large. Choosing both cupcakes and a wedding cake gives the bride, groom, and their guests more flexibility of choice. Guests may like to choose a slice of cake over a cupcake, or two different cupcakes over one slice of cake. Sometimes providing cupcakes in addition to wedding cake allows guests to take seconds without such a financial hit to the groom and bride.

Options for displaying wedding cake or cupcakes

A cupcake tier system can display a small wedding cake on the top layer and cupcakes on the lower tiers. You can provide a wedding cake tier in the center of the table and display cupcake tiers on the ends of the same table. If you want creativity and color variety, you could alternate tiers of cake and cupcakes. Spend some time looking at different pictures and examples of creative ways to display your cake or cupcakes, especially if you are choosing both.

Keep your wedding theme in mind

Your wedding theme will help you determine which cake choice is right for your event and budget. Cupcakes can be decorated elegantly and they can be more affordable. The most important thing to understand is that you have many options when it comes to a wedding cake or cupcakes, including using both.

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