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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Cakes From Bakeries

By February 16, 2017May 28th, 2019No Comments
No matter the occasion or type of cake, all custom cakes start with basic construction. Before you even decide on the decorations, consider what type of cake you will want, including the flavor, fillings, and icings or frostings. Next, you can move on to more detailed information like what occasion your dessert is for, as well as pricing and how to order a custom cake.

The basics of your cake

The most common flavors are chocolate, white, and yellow cake. Great for feeding large groups of people, these time honored classics are sure to be great no matter the occasion. If you’re looking for something with a little more flair, consider options like red velvet cake or adding fruit filling to any flavor.

As far as icings and frostings go, buttercream frosting is both inexpensive and simple, while still remaining a favorite to many. If you are looking for an elegant cake, you may consider fondant icing. While they may require special care or storage, whipped cream or royal icing are both great for a wide variety of custom cakes. In some cases, candy or decorations are placed in or on top of the icing. Some cake decorators may also create decorations and designs of out some types of icing or frosting to enhance appearance.

Another basic element of cake decorating is to choose the shape and size of the dessert. Many cake decorators will offer a variety of shapes, and if given enough notice, can even make custom shapes. Layered and pillar style cakes can add a vertical flair to your custom dessert. Many times, the inspiration for a design will come from the decorations for the event or from the life of the person the cake is for.

Special occasion cakes

Baby shower cakes have been around for a while, but many are throwing a modern twist on this classic. For those looking for a way to add a little excitement to the party, a modern dessert is a great choice. While the outside of the cake appears gender neutral, the inside of the cake is colored blue or pink. Dubbed the gender reveal cake, this is a great way to surprise everyone.

Wedding cakes are one of the most popular forms of special occasion desserts, as the “cutting of the cake” is still very popular for wedding receptions. While some stick with classic choices, many couples are deciding to go with non-conventional designs. You may also see a small wedding cake for the immediate families, while a larger cake is provided for the rest of the guests. Cupcakes and other personal desserts are becoming increasingly popular for wedding receptions as well.

The birthday cake is a long-time classic, but has become even more popular over the past few years. Custom birthday cakes are typically made to match the personality or interests of whoever they are for. For this reason, custom cakes have a wide range of designs and decoration elements to choose from. A basic sheet cake with a name written in icing is a convenient and affordable option for many, while others may want a detailed dessert.

The average cost for custom cake

There are many things that can go into the price of a custom cake. To help you understand the cost, many bakeries will charge by the slice for events. Store bought cakes can cost anywhere from $0.40 to $2 a slice. Bakeries may charge anywhere from $1 to $15 a slice, depending on how elaborate the custom cake will be. For some, cake delivery and assembly may be needed, which can add an additional charge. This can range anywhere from $50 into the hundreds. Also, keep in mind that if you’re planning a tasting, some bakeries may charge a flat rate or in time increments.

If you are on a tight budget, there are many ways to lower costs for your custom cake. Simple types of cake with classic flavors and shapes tend to be cheaper and easier to assemble on your own. You may also want to think about serving and slicing the cake yourself. Those who want tiered custom cakes should consider reserving the more decadent layers and decorations for the top, while making the bottom simple.

How to order your custom cake

When you’re getting ready to order your cake, it is best to sit down and create a clear outline of exactly what you want, starting with style. Also consider who the event is for and the decorations you’ll be using.

If you are buying a wedding cake, consider the colors, venue, and theme first. Then, get an estimate of your guests and take into account who may not eat dessert. Remember to note the other desserts that might be served.

The final steps will to be setting a budget, reading reviews of bakeries, and attending cake tastings. A budget will help you get a clear picture of the size and styles that are available to you. Many bakeries are willing to work with you to help you find a cake that is in your price range. Look around online and ask friends about their favorite bakeries. If you remember a specific cake that you’ve had before, ask the event coordinator who the baker was.

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