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Different Types Of Cakes: Butter, Foam, & More

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There is a large variety to choose from when you think about baking or buying a cake. Professional bakers have different classifications for this dessert such as butter, sponge and foam, and the low or no-flour. Those who bake at home have a more simple classification: chocolate, fruit, white and so on. What makes the difference in the professional categories and how professional bakers divide the different cakes is by their batter. How the batter is prepared determines the final texture and color. The batter also divides the products into their respective categories.

Butter cakes

Butter cake types contain some form of fat, usually butter but sometimes oil. This type also needs baking powder to make it rise. The softened butter is creamed with the sugar to incorporate some air and added to dry ingredients. This process will make a light and airy dessert, but not as light as the sponge variety. Some of your basic butter types are the butter layer cake and pound cake.

Other types can be layered, but generally it is done with the butter batter cakes. This dessert is typical for birthdays, known for its layered look. This type is traditionally devil’s food flavor as a favorite chocolate. You can also make butter layer cakes golden using egg yolks or white using egg whites to create a lighter, white colored dessert.

Pound cakes are the simplest butter type. This dessert is made with a pound of butter along with sugar, eggs and flour. With this product, you will achieve a dense texture yet it will remain tender.

Sponge and foam cakes

The sponge and foam cakes are favorites more for what they do not have. There is no fat in this dessert and there are no leavening agents such as baking powder. The volume is created by whipping the egg whites or eggs. When air is whipped into an egg, it will cause it to expand during baking allowing this dessert to rise without the need for baking powder. The trick to making this product a success is to not deflate the eggs. To keep the eggs at their proper form, the dry ingredients are sifted over them and then very gently folded in. Fats are not used in this dessert because they are too heavy for the batter, which needs to remain foamy. When created right, you will have a very light product with a spongy texture. This dessert will not produce a lot of flavor or moisture. Some basic versions include the chiffon cake and angel food cake.

Chiffon cake is a recent sponge type introduced in the 40’s and 50’s through General Mills and is a cross between the oil and sponge varieties. This dessert has both baking powder and vegetable oil. However, the egg whites are beaten until they get firm and can hold a peak before being folded into the batter. This process creates a product with little crumbs and flavor like the oil cake has, but also a lighter texture like the sponge cake. You can bake this type in a tube pan like an angel food cake and also layer it with fillings or frostings.

Angel food cake is made only with the whites from an egg and no yolks. You whip the whites with sugar until they reach a firm stage and then very gently fold the flour in. This process will create a snowy-white and extremely delicate dessert. The product will have a chewy quality and needs to be cooled right side up in the pan or it will collapse.

Low or no-flour cakes

No-flour options are simply made without flour and will provide a creamy or silky texture. This treat can be baked or unbaked. Some of the basic no-flour cakes are cheesecakes or mousse cakes. This type is most often molded in a dessert ring and chilled before serving.

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