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Helpful Tips For Choosing Colors For Your Wedding Cake

By March 28, 2018June 11th, 2019No Comments
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There is a lot of planning to do when you start to put together your wedding day. This event will be an exciting memory in your life, and you will want all of the details to be perfect. Selecting the type of wedding cake you will have is one of the most important details you should think about. The first step is often choosing the colors. Here are six things to consider before you decide on the colors of your wedding cake.

Do you have a theme?

If you have decided on a theme for your wedding, such as the season or a destination, you may want your cake to match. This is one of the easiest methods for choosing wedding cake colors.

A fall wedding theme might consist of gorgeous, dark colors. A spring wedding might have pastel colors. Your cake can be decorated with these colors, or the colors can be incorporated into flower decorations or the icing. Remember, the colors shouldn’t clash with the room or decorations.

If you’ve chosen a tropical destination for your big day, you may want a cake with vibrant, bright colors. If you’ve decided on any other type of destination that is special for you and your partner, the colors can follow that theme.

What type of style will your wedding have?

Today, brides and grooms can choose a variety of venues for their special day. The color of your cake can also follow the style of your venue. If you’ve decided on a rustic outdoor ceremony and celebration, you can follow style in terms of color and design by choosing simple hues. If you are going with a more elegant event, then your cake design and colors could include black, white, silver, or gold.

Nature-inspired ceremonies would do well with yellow or green to represent those colors most often found in the outdoors. If you and your partner are more of the adventurous sort, you might consider a red velvet cake with white or colored frosting.

Consider the colors for your entire wedding

After you’ve selected the style and color of the dresses and suits for your wedding party, consider having your wedding cake mirror those colors. When your cake is cut during your celebration, it will be a memorable and fun event.

What is meaningful to you?

The decorations on your wedding cake can reflect what is meaningful to you and your partner. Pick a color selection that has special meaning to both of you and symbols that represent your likes. Perhaps you have a favorite location, flower, or a unique design that tells something about you as a couple. These colors and designs can be incorporated into your favorite style of cake.

Choose an affordable wedding cake

If you have the funds for an elaborately decorated wedding cake, then you have unlimited choices for designs and colors. If you are on a budget, however, you can still have an incredible dessert with colors that can be designed to meet all your wishes. Be upfront with your bakery about the total cost you can afford. They should be able to work with you to make the perfect wedding cake.

Choose your favorite flavor

How your cake will taste is just as important as how it will look and the colors you choose can follow your favorite flavor. If you love chocolate, then your cake, icing, or frosting can also be in chocolate, with decorations that match.

Creating your dream wedding cake with Belmar Bakery

Color choices for your wedding are limitless. With the right bakery, you can design and style your cake to match the wedding you have always dreamed about. Contact Belmar Bakery & Cafe in Amarillo, Texas for more information about creating your perfect wedding cake. Call us at (806) 355-0141 or Contact Us by email to learn more about our Cake Menu, Party Trays, Catering, and Cafe. You can also visit us at 3325 Bell St. in Amarillo.