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How To Choose Food For The Perfect Graduation Party

By October 28, 2018May 24th, 2019No Comments
Graduation Party
Your graduate has just completed years of education and many things over the years, and now it is time to recognize and celebrate those achievements. Planning a graduation party is an exciting time and should be one of the most significant parties your child experiences. Graduation signifies that they are growing up and preparing to enter the world as an adult. The following are some tips to help you choose the best food for a party that your graduate will love.

Graduation Party Snacks and Desserts

Your graduate and their friends are facing adulthood and new responsibilities, and the graduation party is a send-off from their childhood. They will appreciate the nostalgia of kid’s classics for dessert such as snack-sized candy bars, twinkies, licorice, and a traditional graduation cake. Graduation cakes can be made to reflect your graduate’s skills or interests and even include their school colors.

Decorating with desserts

Using desserts that double as decorations can add a nice touch to the graduation party. You can also choose candies or baked goods that vary in size and shape to create unique decorations to display. Local bakeries may be able to help with special requests or designs specially made for your graduate. Cookies are a great choice because they are easily accessible and are not messy. Bakeries can create cookies with your graduates name or a small congratulatory message as the frosting. Graduation cakes are also a popular choice that make great centerpieces.

If you need a starting point for what type of dessert to get, ask your graduate for some ideas about their favorite desserts. If they like cupcakes or cookies, you can order both from a local bakery and request a frosting in the school colors to decorate the serving table. This is easy and helps you save time.

You may want to balance out the desserts with salty snacks like popcorn, pretzels, or chips. The snacks can be placed in decorated bowls around the room or on a snack table. You may even want to add some tart beverages to balance the sweetness of the desserts. If you add cranberry juice and lime to club soda, you have a tart and refreshing drink to serve.

Food on-the-go

Some graduates may have several parties to attend on the same day. This could also be true for parents. Choosing a straightforward food table of sandwiches or fruit trays allows your guests to grab food as they visit with the graduate. If you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to prepare a meal, check with your local bakery to see their available options.

You can also try other portable food ideas like fruits or danishes. You may consider adding some food coloring to a cream cheese dip for the fruit that matches your graduate’s school colors. Most catering services will work with you to create the right balance of foods to match your selection of decor for the party.

Find a caterer for the party

Catering services can be the answer to your celebration. Some services can provide excellent ideas for graduation parties. They can also set up and take down your food layouts so you can spend more time visiting with your guests. Check with your local bakery to find out what types of food they serve and how customizable everything will be. With a catered party, you and your graduate can focus on the celebration and less on the preparation.

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