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How Your Favorite Bakery Frosts The Perfect Cupcake

By September 12, 2017May 28th, 2019No Comments
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Have you ever wondered how your favorite bakery gets the frosting on their cupcakes just right? Frosting a cupcake can require some talent, but there are also several learned techniques that go into making the sugary decoration look just right. Here are a few things that go into frosting the perfect cupcake.

Consistency of the frosting

The first key to perfect frosting is consistency. For example, if the frosting needs to be piped onto the cupcake, it needs to have a certain stiffness. If it doesn’t, the frosting will not hold its shape. One way to discern if the consistency is correct is during the mixing process. You can create stiff peaks by pulling a spatula through the mixture, and if the peaks hold, then it is ready to be piped. If the frosting is too thin, it can be thickened with powdered sugar. However, the sugar should be added a small amount at a time until it reaches the right consistency, or it could get too thick.

Tools of the trade

One of the most important aspects of frosting the perfect cupcake are the tools that you use. Tools can vary in price and quality. When it comes to cupcakes, one of the most commonly used is a 16 inch pastry bag. This size is big enough to hold a good amount of frosting without having to fill the bag all the way to the top. Filling a bag to the brim can result in an explosion of the mixture.

When it comes to frosting tips, there are so many different kinds available it can boggle the mind. Each tip provides a different look or “design” to the cupcake. For example, swirly designs are created using tips with star shapes on the end.

Technique for frosting a cupcake

Once the bag is filled, any air that may have been trapped in the frosting should be squeezed out. Then, the top of the bag should be twisted tightly shut so that the mixture does not escape when pressure is applied. Frosting a cupcake begins along the outer edge of the cake. Even pressure is applied with one hand to the part of the bag that is filled while the other keeps the bag closed at the top. The frosting is applied by moving in a circular fashion from the outside of the cupcake inwards. Once the center is reached, the pressure being applied to the bag is released so that an artful peak is left.

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