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Is Buttercream Or Fondant Better For A Wedding Cake?

By November 9, 2017May 24th, 2019No Comments
When you are planning the cake for your wedding day, you will need to decide between buttercream or fondant, among other choices. Having a buttercream icing will give you a blend of sugar, butter, and eggs to give your cake a creamy texture. A fondant icing is made from corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin, which is rolled out and molded over your entire cake. Using fondant will give your wedding cake a shiny and smooth finish, but may not taste as sweet as buttercream. It is important to know how these choices will affect your cake before you start planning.

Benefits of buttercream for a wedding cake

Buttercream icing or frosting is often the favorite of those who avoid sweets all week before the wedding so they can scoop up extra and indulge. While there are those who will leave the buttercream piled on their plate, most will finish theirs and ask for someone else’s. Buttercream icing on your wedding cake will provide you with a creamy, delicious taste, with an old-fashioned and elegant look. The downside to this choice is it will not hold well in heat or the sun and cannot produce the same eye-popping visual effects as fondant.

Benefits of fondant for a wedding cake

Fondant seems to be the choice of most brides today, as it is simply the best look for a wedding cake. The texture of fondant makes it easy to work with and it is easier to decorate and tint. When a professional bakery creates your wedding cake, it will be transformed into any vision you can imagine. The possibilities of decorating your cake with fondant are limited only by your imagination. A wedding cake with fondant definitely makes a fashion statement for your big day, but may not be as tasty as buttercream.

Compromising with buttercream and fondant

If you want the look of fondant, but the flavor of buttercream, you have a few choices. Your wedding cake can make the glamorous statement of beauty with a fondant finish, while you serve a buttercream dessert at the rehearsal. This choice will give you, and those important in the wedding plans, a taste of creamy icing, while giving your guests a beautiful dessert.

A variation of this idea is to create the main part of your wedding cake with fondant. Along with this outstanding creation, you can serve sheet cakes with buttercream icing to the guests. This alternative has been found to be a budget-saving idea for many brides as well.

Another option for having both choices as part of your day is to ask your decorator to coat your cake with buttercream and then fondant. This mixture gives you great taste with a fantastic look.

Get the best desserts for your wedding day

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