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Ordering A Custom Cake? Follow These 3 Tips To Be Prepared!

By October 30, 2017May 24th, 2019No Comments
custom birthday cakes
Before ordering a custom cake, it is important to have a well organized plan. Sometimes the cake is the best part of your event, so it is important to prepare before ordering from a bakery. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure that your custom cake is exactly what you imagined.

Know the concept of your cake

The first step in creating a memorable custom cake is coming up with an idea. There are so many images of incredible cakes on TV and the internet that can help you to develop your idea. However, looking at too many ideas can also over-complicate the process. Start with thinking about the event and what type of cake would be appropriate. Doing this will help you to narrow down color choices, flavor options, and decoration ideas.

Write down any ideas that you like or draw pictures of them to give to the bakery. You can even print pictures of cakes you like from the internet, and take them with you for a consultation at the bakery. Visual examples are perfect for discussing your idea with the bakery that you choose. Remember, bakers do not like to copy the work of other professionals, so make sure your ideas are unique.

Although most bakers are creative and enjoy some freedom to design their cakes, they want to be sure they are making exactly what you want. Make sure you know exactly what you want before going to your consultation. Try keeping your list of ideas to a minimum of 3-5 cake designs and make sure to have a small list of desired flavors as well.

Find the right bakery to create your custom cake

Once you have decided on your dream cake, you must find a bakery that can bring your idea to life. Many bakeries specialize in certain themes, techniques, and flavors. Others may find that your idea may be too complicated and will suggest options that they are able to do while making your cake. Visit the websites of bakeries in your area to read reviews, view galleries, and estimate costs. Be sure to call each company and ask about delivery options, dietary restrictions, and a consultation as well. Give yourself and the baker at least two through four weeks in advance to plan and schedule your custom cake.

Be prepared for the consultation

Bring all of your materials with you to your scheduled consultation, and be ready with a clear and manageable idea in mind. Arrive on time, and if you have to miss your appointment, call the day before to let the bakery know. After finalizing your cake design with the baker, write down the exact cost, design, and decoration options that you chose. You should also note the date and time of delivery and pickup, and important contact information. Being prepared at your consultation will ensure that your custom cake will meet your expectations.

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