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The Difference Between Devil’s Food And Chocolate Cake

By July 18, 2016May 28th, 2019No Comments

Many people don’t understand how Devil’s Food and chocolate cake differ. It is not easy to state what the exact difference is between the two, as there are a lot of variations to the classic recipe. Although, there are a few ingredients that set them apart and make the Devil’s Food cake a darker, richer and often fluffier dessert. Devil’s Food is sometimes referred to as the chocolate version of an Angel Food cake. Two of the ingredients that make it a favorite to so many are the extra baking soda and use of cocoa powder. There are several other differences that make the dishes unique. The following will discuss the differences and the origin of the name.

What is the difference between Devil’s Food cake and chocolate cake?

Most chocolate cakes call for melted chocolate while the Devil’s Food version uses cocoa powder and sometimes even coffee, which increases the robust, chocolatey taste. Using extra baking soda raises the ph levels to give the dessert a deep, dark color and help to make it a bit fluffier. To get the maximum chocolatey finish, some use all three ingredients: melted chocolate, chocolate powder and the extra baking soda. This will actually go beyond the traditional Devil’s Food taste and may even create a whole new experience.

Where did the name Devil’s Food come from?

The traditional Devil’s Food cake included shredded beets. This ingredient was added much like a carrot cake uses shredded carrots. The beets were shredded then added to make the dessert moist and sweet. Beets slightly colored the treat red and because it was so rich, people began calling it Devil’s food. There is a dispute over this historical recount as there are some who say this defines a red velvet or beet cake.

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